Thursday, January 7, 2010

Palestine...An Endless Story

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Just wanna refresh our mind on what had happened in Gaza Palestine, not only the latest massacre but all the 'nightmares' there...

Maybe any of us could say that: "This is an old story, Israeli has already stopped doing massacre on Palestinian, right?" The massacre seems ended, but those to-be-killed everyday in Gaza always available for them.

The pictures below (maybe some of us have already seen it) might cause only presynaptic facilitation at the synapses between neurons in OUR brain (short term memory)..but not for them who suffer a lot to lose their mother who gave 'em love, to lose their father who worked to feed 'em, to lose their brothers to whom they shared problems & smiles, to lose their little children who gave 'em laughter & light - these pictures will cause irreversible structural changes in the synapse between neurons in their brain, that is - long term memory...

So, Palestine will never be an old story..because it's an endless story..

[movie shooting]

['celebrating a festival with crackers']

[UNRWA huh? Non of articles in Universal declaration of Human Rights
allow this, but it did happen..hmm]

[they didn't cry, for they're used with this]

[what do u think bout this? is it an anatomical specimens?]

[hmm..i wonder what had happened to the owner of this shoe]

[may Allah bless you..sure He blesses u!!]

[they reached their target...syahid fi sabil lillah]

[...walking to jannah...]

Beautiful song from Bro Muadz..STAND UP!
Reunite...for the sake of ummah!!

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