Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fall So Many Times?

Assalamualaikum. It has been a while since our last update. Feel like wanna share something from my deep heart...though i'm not the best who can speak bout this...let's reflect ourselves together.

Ever fall? Ever stand back after falling down? How many times? Ever despair? Ever create new hopes after the despair? And fail again? Countless times of failures? Does it hurt you? Did you ever call yourself as a loser? Or feeling like a loser? These questions…are not unfamiliar to you, right?

I believe all of us have experienced, at least once, an event we call – FAILURE. However, only some of us realized that ‘failure’ is a subjective word. I’m sorry if I categorized people who define failure objectively is heartless. You, have to know the definition of ‘failure’ by your own words. Because if you stick to other’s definition, and you fail, you’ll probably fall to the ground and never ever be able to stand again.

Yes, life is an exam, for Allah to evaluate His servants. But the grades are subjective, only Allah knows who’s the best among the people. People can say: you are a loser / you have failed. But at the end, we are the one who will categorize ourselves. 

What will happen when you make a circle around yourself and say if you go outside the boundary, then you are fail…..? If something happens, pushing you out from the boundary, you know that YOU HAVE FAILED, right? This is how we are mentally killed by our own attitude. This is what I mean by defining ‘failure’ objectively.

If we cannot manage to achieve our goals, it is not a FAILURE. It is just a reminder that: WE LACK SOMETHING. Find what is that ‘something’, correct it, and try again. If we still can’t achieve the goal, it seems like we lack another ‘something’. Correct it, and try again. Until we succeed. Isn’t this the way how we develop everything? The new technology, new medications, new science, new theories…do you expect it appears after one or two experiments / research / trials? What if we give it up at 67th trial when Allah had predetermined it to be succeed at 68th trial?

We are humans. Humans are ‘natural loser’. We won’t forever succeed in everything we aim, we will face events of failures. And show some gratitude towards those failure for they are the alarming signs of our weaknesses / misjudgments / imperfections..but never ever point to others as the cause of your failure. Don’t abuse your ego by doing that. Know that:

A man may fall many times, but he won’t be a loser until he says someone pushed him.

Last but not least, sometimes we might fall to the point that we don’t know how to start again. How?

And keep yourself patient (by being) with those who call upon their Lord..
[al-Kahfi: 28]

Isn’t He’s there waiting to reply your dua’? May He guide us to the best way J