Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 2nd Red Sea...Where does it located?


Undetectable..Neither in the world map nor by satellite images; but by naked eyes. Do you understand what i mean by this sentence?

2nd 'Red Sea'...

Sorry guys, i don't have much time to check 'bout this info which i got it through my mail, but i did search. Anywhere, do correct me if i'm forwarding wrong info, k.

Hmm..Why did i say: the location of this 2nd 'Red Sea' is undetectable neither by world map nor satellite images, but by naked eyes...? Because people are turning blind from days to days. They do know what big events like this held in certain places that exist in world map or even detectable by satellite, but do they act on 'em? No...they just watch and enjoy it by their naked eyes...let people doing nonsense.

If you show the pictures to others and ask 'em: Do you think this is good?
Even children in the kindergarten would answer the same with me -- No!!

Actually it's about 2 o'clock in the morning when i was posting this. And i got things to say no more because the experience of 'chronic dizziness' rite now (1.50am).

And i close this post with another question and another answer to wake my brothers and sisters up...
If just now you read 'bout '2nd Red Sea'...Do any place cross your mind if i ask you 'bout 'the precious RED LAND' which doesn't even exist in world map (though it SHOULD BE) but always the satellites keep on it....?

[it's the blood-stained Palestine land]

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