Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just A Favour....COFFEE!!

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Maybe it's not the right time to talk about coffee, huh..but this is just for sharing..
Lately, my biological clock is not working well..haha..i slept in the morning instead of night and vice versa..haiyya~~jet lag? haha..maybe, because i did have digestive probs, headache, fatigue, mild depression and obviously irregular sleep patterns.

Staying up at night always induces me to take coffee..(meansits not that i drink coffee to stay up but i drink if i stay up...paham ke? hoho)..well, actually i'm a coffee die-hard-fan la. So, this post is just about COFFEE.

i don't know much bout coffee in general but at least i do know bout the coffee that i drink. There are several species of coffee tree all around the world. But here, i don't wanna talk about the tree, nor the beans, nor the contents..but the coffee recipes served in coffee shops. what is it - frappe, mocha, cappucino, latte...and lastly, my new favourite white coffee =)

All of 'em are usually from espresso (brewed strong black coffee) but white coffee is from white espresso and it is highly caffeinated (3 times regular espresso)..woah, that makes me a lil 'high' after takin' it. It gives stronger effect than regular coffee but i advice to those who easily 'stimulated' by coffee not to take it because you may have moderate headache, it's just my opinion because i used to take coffee but not necessarily affected, sometimes. But this one, really gives me mild headache...but it's really nice!

What is frappe? Or some call frappucino. It's actually an ice blended coffee recipe. For me, the taste is more or less in between cappucino and latte..but it is more sweet than both previous because it contains sugar. Not an issue..if you love ice blended coffee..then it is frappe, generally speaking lah.

Cappucino = espresso + steamed milk + frothed simply it's coffee with milk..the same goes to latte..but latte adds more milk.

Mocha (not my favourite..i call it the hypocrite type of coffee..hahahaha) = coffee + cocoa + creamer/milk + sugar..bahasa kampong panggil neslo (nescafe + milo --> dua2 muqat..haha). I don't prefer mocha because its taste less coffee..very least. And plus, i don't prefer cocoa as drink actually.

That is it. If you think i give wrong info to you, do correct me keyh! it's just based on my taste buds..haha~ c ya *wink*


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