Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kurma Obama


i've read an article in Berita Harian last Sunday..

Penjual Mesir namakan kurma terbaik 'Obama'

it's not dat i'm jealous because they didn't put my name..haha..
hmm..i just can't stand when a Muslim said this: "Kami suka Obama dan kami menamakan kurma terbaik kami mengambil sempena namanya. Kami meletakkan kurma manis di dalam mulut Obama dan satu mesej pada telinganya. Tolong bawa keamanan kepada dunia ini.Kami menaruh harapan tinggi kepada anda."

I don't know whether the word 'kami' there refer to just himself or a population of Muslim people. But i tell u bro, that's not true..Whatever Obama is doing now, that he said tryin' to make US relationship with Islam World better or so, we must hold with a stand that ISLAM IS PEACE!! Nobody can bring us peace except Islam itself. Practice Islam..you'll leave peacefully.

O Muslim, don't you ever ask help from a man, whether he's a Muslim or non...ask it from Allah SWT..
Allah says: Ud'uni fastajib lakum..
Just a piece of disappointed words from me..

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