Monday, July 21, 2008

The way He shows dat He is Ar-Rahman & Ar-Rahiim

assalamualaikum wbt..

just 2 share with all of u..knowledges..maybe all of us do noe it, assume it as a tazkirah okeh! without having 'pengisian jiwa'..incomplete!

i joined sum activities there (in egypt)..n now i wud like 2 share it =)

when we're in difficulties..always we feel down..sayin' "why?? why dis happened 2me?"..

undescribable sadness..huhu

do u's the way Allah s.w.t shows His love?

u don't noe? I tell u..(haha..amy, tiru ayat amy nih!mintak permission ek!)

1) "And the Night as it dissipates; And the Dawn as it breathes away the darkness." (At-Takwir:17-18)

He creates night & dawn..very nice..silih berganti..beransur2..but not suddenly..why?

cz our brain can't tolerate with sumthin' drastic like dat..we will suffer 4 Major Nervous System Damage..nauzubillah..

say alhamdulillah utk apa yg dijadikan dgn begitu baek dan cantik ini =)

2)"See ye the water which ye drink?; Do ye bring it down (in rain) from the cloud or do We?; Were it Our Will, We could make it salt (and unpalatable): then why do ye not give thanks?" (Al-Waqi'ah:68-70)

Allah asks us 2 think..wut if the drink is salty? certainly, we will suffer 4 hypertension..nauzubillah again..

say alhamdulillah with all the systems regulated by Him =)

3) TAUBAT - how loving He is..even we do mistakes again n this way..insyaAllah, He'll forgive us (xcept the polytheists)..let's think! don't we feel ashamed to ask for sumthin' from Allah with the same hands dat do so many sin? don't we? some of us will say,"yes i feel ashamed."..but when we're doin' the sin..we never feel it, right? If we do feel it, we won't do dat sin for sure..

4) THE RESURRECTION - can i say this horror is the way He shows His love? di saat ibu yg mengandung kehilangan anak yg dikandungnye..di saat bintang2 digugurkan..di saat gunung ganang dihancurkan..manusia lari bertempiaran..bagaimana nk dikatakan Hari Kiamat adalah tnda kasih-Nya Allah? Let's see this sequence (sequence of 'abolishing' the sins):

---we do the sins --> we have taubat, istighfar, 'clean up' ourselves

---died already --> solat jenazah, doa anak soleh, hajj & sadaqah, and also seksa kubur..these will help us

---al-qiamah --> huhu..daa qiamat daa! xde hrpn lg dah! dis feelin' of fear will actually abolish the sins too..we're fear of Allah right? Taubat daa xditerima mase kasihnye Allah terhdp kite..nak jgk bg msk syurga..takutnye kite ketika hari kiamat tu sendiri adalah penghapus dosa..& we have so many syafaat..from Rasulullah, al-Quran, malaikat, apostles, para syahid..

---NO!! this is not enuf! too many can i get into Your Jannah, ya Allah? --> Hell is ur place (nauzubillah) but frens, remember! He is Ar-Rahman & Ar-Rahim..Hell is a place to clean up all the sins..He do want us 2 be in His Jannah as long as we're muslims..

---at the end --> Jannah; insyaAllah..

well,frens..though He gives us chances so many times to clean up the sins..remember dat there's no one of us able to resist 'seksa kubur'..yg paling ringan dlm step nak hapus dosa tu..

so don't u feel easy with all the sins u've done..

jom same2 taubat nasuha..semoga kita sentiasa sedar akan kasih syg Allah terhdp kita =)

p/s: special thanks to mantan kakak SC (smart circle) ku..Kak Nik Nabilah & Kak Cem for the nice SC programmes & the nice makan2 sessions..haha..and also to Kak Yam & Kak Nik Nabihah..u guys help me so much in understanding Islam..thank you! May Allah bless u..ameen


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