Monday, July 21, 2008

Writing my way of thinkin'..

assalamualaikum wbt..

creating dis blog is ma 1st step to write ma way of thinkin'..
thanks 2 those dat stimulate me directly or indirectly 2 do dis..
anyway, since i'm a student n i noe dat my priority is 2 dis blog cud b lil inactive..
guyz..i need ur support okeh?! bangunkan enoll klu enol jatuh..betulkan enol klu enol salah...
u noe..KIDS!! they can think out of dun let me 2 cross d line ye..

last but not least, this is a site 4 me 2 share my opinion..knowledges..information..feelin'..n so n so..and d most important thing is - i hope dat dis blog will b 1 of d way of da'wah..Islam is not the best way, but it is THE ONLY way..rabbuna yunajjahna fi da'watuna..ameen


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