Friday, September 26, 2008

Israel To 'Swept Paletine Away' By 2020?


They almost had.
[world map..where's palestine?]

'Illegitimate' Israel - in Arabic and generally Islamic countries' sight. But leavin' in world conquered by Israel & their gangs, the one which is 'illegitimate' is...Palestine.

2020? Palestine is aimmed to be 'cleared off' but Malaysia is aimmed to be included in one of modern countries (Wawasan 2020). The same year with the different endings-to-be for both. Hmm, what a sad story if it would be so..nauzubillah..

This life is about makin' choices. To decide. To judge. To determine. To evaluate. In order to take a road and travel, when we come to any junction. The question is whether it's the right road to take and whether 'the road not taken' really should not be taken?

Yea, it's the same for any situation. What ever to come, we will always make; at least; one decision! Even deciding not to take any action is still a decision.

Make a choice friends! Look at there - you can see two roads leading to different ends. You have one end that determine the modernity of Malaysia with Palestine's grave or the other that determine modernity of Malaysia with Palestine's back in our hands...

"Ilaahana..Rabbal masyriqaini wa Rabbal Maghribaini..Ilaahana..Rabbal maqdis wa Rabbal Harramaini..Allahumma asleh ahwaala ikhwaaninal minkubbina fil Falestiin..Allahumma aamin khaufahum..Allahumma baddil khaufahum ammana..Yaa Amaanal khaa-ifiin..Yaa Amalal mustaghithin..Yaa Mujiiba da3wati mudhthorriin..Laa ilaaha illa Enta.."

~Our God..Lord of the Two Easts and the Two Wests..Our God..Lord of the Holy Place (Jerusalem) and the Two Sacred Places (Makkah/Medina)..Oh Allah correct the possition of our brothers..the victims of catastrophe in Palestine..Oh Allah secure their faith..Oh Allah swap their fear for peace..Oh Protector of the fearful..Oh Hope of the Needy..Oh Granter of the Prayers of the OppressedThere is no Deity Worthy of Worship except You~

Ameen Yaa Rabbal 3Alaamiin..


mariyam said...

isu palestin yg xkan pernah henti diperkatakan selagi mana ia masih di tgn yahudi..kene timbulkan kesedaran smua umat islam bhw isu ini bkn hanya isu satu negara tp ini isu umat islam seluruhnya..teringat doa syeikh hatem smlm...allahumma harriril aqsa min aidil yahud..ameen

dr enoll said...