Monday, September 20, 2010

Diagnosis...some tips

Assalamualaikum wbt..

'Clinical' is coming so soon..huhu..I asked myself:
  • have u prepared something before going through your clinical course?

  • what about your basic knowledge..?
  • and your basic skills..?

I do read something on medic so that it made me feel 'not so easy'..huhu..and at least i got these to share with you =) --some tips while diagnosing a disease--

1) Build up your knowledge all the time by reading, seeing patients, listening to & observing colleagues. Grab this chance while we are still students! Don't ever play truant! Draw thousands of benefits from this clinical course (also when you have been a doctor)..

2) Work out which organ is affected & what process is going on by knowing the different characteristics for different diseases & their cardinal symptoms. So, nothing in your previous pre-clinical course is useless! Nothing...not histology nor biochemistry.

3) Make sure that you understand exactly what the patients mean by any term that they use e.g. does 'weakness' mean true muscle weakness or are they simply tired? This might be another problem for us who studying abroad. We have to choose the best word to match the symptoms told by the patient in 'our various languages'!! And a big problem for those who have to work in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar language...huhu..[only Malaysians understand this]

Anyway, nothing is easy for a success. Be patience if we really wanna treat patients =) --innAllaha ma'a assobirin--


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